Xplornet 4g business plans

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Ten minutes after reading Geist’s post, I probably couldn’t have told you Xplornet’s name. Canadian broadband provider Xplornet will pay two-thirds of the cost of the deployment, with the province paying the balance. New Xplornet broadband speeds will be Mbps, the company said.

How much is the cost for using these 4G networks? WiMAX costs start from $29 a month for residential and $ for business plans.

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While LTE networks have not been commercially deployed yet, it is predicted to have lower cost per bit since it does not need to lay new infrastructure like WiMAX did. After using Canada’s first 4G wireless network to bring broadband Internet to rural Quebec, Barrett Xplore has set their sights on British Columbia, and is test-marketing their Xplornet technology in Barriere.

Barriere is a town of just over 1, Senior professional wireless RF engineer with broad experience in LTE, HSPA, WCDMA, UMTS, GSM, 4G, 3G, 2G, Radio design, Planning, Optimization & performance+ connections.

Xplornet plans to further expand its network with the continued extension of its LTE coverage and the launch of two new satellites offering Internet download speeds not .

Xplornet 4g business plans
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